• Modeling

    If one doesn’t want to test – and experience – chemistry and corrosion at full scale, modeling is an invaluable tool in managing chemical processes. ChemCorr, LLC and OLI Systems can help you simulate your process and understand it, so you can control it, rather than be surprised by it.

  • Electrochemistry

    Electrochemistry pervades our lives. Besides running our nervous systems and helping with analytical chemistry, electrochemistry controls corrosion processes in electrolytes. If one wants to simulate or monitor a corrosion process, it is important to get the electrochemistry and the associated instrumentation right.  ChemCorr, LLC has over twenty years of experience choosing and using the right… [Continue Reading]

  • Corrosion

    Corrosion is constantly occurring around us.  According to NACE International (formerly the National Association of Corrosion Engineers), corrosion costs the USA 276 billion dollars every year. ChemCorr, LLC has experience mitigating part of that cost. Gamry Instruments can help with instruments for measuring corrosion and simulating it in the laboratory. OLI Systems can help with… [Continue Reading]

  • Chemistry

    The American Chemical Society has the slogan, “The Central Science”.  All of us do chemistry all of the time.  Sometimes, it’s not automatic and sometimes ChemCorr, LLC can help.  For example, a brewery is a complex chemical plant.  The wastewater treater is a process and a change in the available treatment chemicals can leave the… [Continue Reading]